How to use the Gift Card

If you already have your Aricluv Gift Card, you can find detailed instructions on how to use it below.


  • Add items to the cart.
  • You will find a code on your Gift Card or in your E-Gift Card email.
  • Enter this code in the "Discount code" field at checkout.

  • The Gift Card can be used in full or to pay part of the purchase. If the Gift Card balance exceeds the order amount, it can be used towards your next purchase. For example: €70 gift card, €100 order. You need to pay 30€ + shipping costs if applicable. If you have €70 gift card, but order for €50 order, €20 can be used towards a next purchase.

  • The Gift Card can only be used against the items being purchased in the cart, it doesn't apply towards shipping costs.

  • You can check your Gift Card balance on this page at the bottom.