Make a statement with jewelry that excites with pieces Aricluv. Crafted by founder and designer Karina Petrova, this one-woman show brand curates an extensive collection of one-of-a-kind earrings, bracelets and necklaces. By mixing geometric shapes and freshwater pearls, along with bold colors and patterns. With a lot of discovery time, attention to detail, and most importantly, passion, Aricluv wants to ensure that customers purchase items that give a special touch to their style. For those who lead a dynamic lifestyle on the go or who have a special bond with accessories, these designs are perfect for expressing yourself in multiple forms.

Consider Aricluv to be the wearable art that will help you to stand out and feel confident. As a brand, I want to encourage you to live and create a beautiful and colorful life. I spend time planning and directing each unique jewelry piece with you in mind and bring a passionate mindset with each set I create. Each item made is hand finished to reveal the dramatic detail and subtle nuances that give each piece of jewelry its own identity. Just like the jewelry I sell, I want you to be one of a kind in your journey and stay original with each step you take. Start with Aricluv to transform your looks and fuse together the best of chic, playful, and designer specialty pieces with the utmost attention to detail. 

Inspired by various locations, nature, and everyday observations, I brainstorm design ideas to cultivate wearable abstract art that people can take with them wherever they go. With a made-to-order approach, I am also able to formulate pieces that speak directly to my customers and make a lasting impression based on what they are looking for in jewelry. While I love creating and producing accessories with a limitless range, I ensure that all materials are used wisely. By staying strategic in my craft, I help reduce waste and overproduction that can be harmful to our planet. Aricluv is a brand committed to expression with extraordinary jewelry that was designed with you in mind from start to finish. Set your style up for success with Aricluv.