Based in Berlin, Aricluv is an independent, one-woman jewelry brand helping individuals to make their style visions a reality. For those who choose not to blend in with the crowd, experiment with designs that are made for expressing yourself in multiple forms. 

Consider Aricluv to be the wearable art that will help you to stand out and feel confident. Each item made is curated to reveal the dramatic details that give each piece of jewelry its own identity. With quality over quantity as one of the core values, Karina chooses exceptional materials such as sterling silver as well as freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones for Aricluv designs. Rethink your fashion by transforming your looks with unique pieces that are both special and timeless.    

I believe that jewelry is way more than just an accessory. Creating jewelry that adds a special touch, making you feel confident and stand apart from everyone else is what I am passionate about. 

- Karina Petrova, the founder & designer behind Aricluv