Jewelry Care

A major part of Aricluv jewelry is made of precious metal such as 925 sterling silver, gold and rhodium plated sterling silver as well as freshwater pearls. Each piece is delicate and requires gentle care to ensure its lasting beauty.

⎯ Store your jewelry pieces separately, in individual ziplock bags, jewelry pouches or separate sections of a jewelry box.
Apply your perfume, cosmetics and hairsprays prior to putting on jewelry. Chemicals may damage the finish.
Take off your jewelry when sleeping, exercising, sunbathing or going to sauna.
Avoid any contact with water, take off your jewelry when swimming and showering.

How to clean your jewelry

To clean your sterling silver & gold plated jewelry:

Add some mild dish soup into lukewarm water.
Soak a piece of jewelry in the soap water for 5 minutes.
Gently rub it with your fingertips to release the tarnish and dirt.
Rinse the piece under warm water to remove any soap.
Gently dry it with a soft jewelry cloth.

To clean freshwater pearls:

Gently swipe the pearls with a dump soft cloth.
Lay the pearls on a dry towel to let them dry.
Avoid using cleaners, detergents and brushes as pearls are very delicate.